Seminars & Panels


Saturday November 23, 2019 - Seminar Room

11:00am - Cosplay 101

Learn from the local industry expert Avera Cosplay in our 45 minute Session in our Seminar Room. Creating your own costumes, competing in cosplay and resources to get going.

12:00PM - Want to be an Actor or Author ?

Join Local award winning actress and author Deborah Smith Ford as she discusses the professional world of acting and writing award winning books!

1:00pm - Meet the Wrestling Legends

Join in on the discussion and stories with the famous WWE Wrestlers all in the same room!

2:00pm - Lets Talk Batman - 80th Anniversary

Meet the Granddaughter Athena Finger of the Creator of Batman Bill Finger. Join Athena as she discusses the creation of Batman and the 80 year history of the Dark Knight!

3:00pm - Meet the Comic Book Legends

Join the Comic Book Legends Jim Shooter, Allen Milgrom & Mike DeCarlo as they talk their experience of the Comic Book Market and History of Characters like Rocket Raccoon, FireStorm, the Death of Robin and how it was working with the Famous Stan Lee!

4:00pm - 3rd Annual Cosplay Contest

Join us for the 3rd Annual Cosplay contest. Prizes for Best Male, Female, Kid and Group Categories. Good Luck Everyone!