Seminars & Panels


Sunday November 18, 2018

11:00am - Create and Learn about Cosplay

Learn from the industry experts in our 45 minute Session in our Seminar Room. Join the local cosplayers and see how they do it!

12:00pm - Meet the Man behind the Scenes - Tom Cook.

Join Tom as he discusses his experience and stories in the Animation studio with working on He-Man, She-Ra, Scooby Doo, Super Friends, American Dad, Jetsons, Smurf’s and Flintstones.

1:00pm - Lets Talk Comic Books! - Keith Giffen & Tony DiGerolano

Join Keith & Tony as they discuss their experience in the Comic Book market with their super heros  and villians

1:30pm - Meet the Wrestlers - Greg Valentine, Bushwhacker Luke & King King Bundy

Join in on the discussion and stories with the famous WWE Wrestlers all in the same room!

2:30pm - Publish & Create your own Comic Book

Meet the Industry experts and learn the techniques and skills you need to publish your own comic book