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Cosplay Costume Contest  3:00pm

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Meet the Featured Comic-Book Guests - Mark Bagley, Fabian Nicieza, Bob Camp & James O’Barr. Get your Comics Signed in the Guest Area of the Show.

Get your Comic books Graded and Authenticated by our Partners CGC & CBCS

COSPLAY Costume Contest

Meet The Featured Comic-Con Comic Guests

Meet Darth Vader & The StormTroopers - 501st Legion

Meet the Daleks

Meet the Cosplayers from all over Florida dressed up as their favorite characters. We will have over 50 different Cosplayers from all over at the Comic-Con joining our Cosplay Contest!


Meet the Artists (Local & Independents) in Artist Alley

See Vendors from all Over Florida!

Meet the Artists at our Artist Alley Area. Independent Artists from all over Florida and Local Talent.

Meet the Vendors - Different Vendors from all Over Florida at Comic-Con selling Comics, Toys, Collectables and Pop-Culture Items. 

Full List of Vendors - Click Here

See the 6 Most Famous Cars in the World

Herbie, Batmobile, General Lee, The Bandit Car, Starsky & Hutch & Delorean DMC

On Display at the Hotel Patio Area

Meet the Wrestlers

Meet the Featured Wrestler Guests - Brutus The Barber Beefcake and Tito Santana

Meet the Actresses

Meet the Featured Actresses Deborah Smith Ford and Chalet Brannan from Disney. Signing all day at the Comic-Con from 10am to 6pm.

Meet the Local Florida Pop-Culture Groups!

Geek Speed Dating

Meet the Love of you Life at the SW-Florida Comic-Con ? We will have a special area at the show from 1-3pm for Geek Speed Dating. Special Admission Required, Please see Tickets Section of the website.


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Guests & Attractions are subject to cancellation or schedule change, due to professional commitments.