During The Show - What To Do

Cosplay Costume Contest  3:00pm

Please see Contest Details & Rules - Click Here

Meet the Featured Comic-Book Guests - Paul Mounts & Tony DiGerolamo. Get your Comics Signed in the Guest Area of the Show.

Get your Comic books Graded and Authenticated by our Partners CGC & CBCS

COSPLAY Costume Contest

Meet The Featured Comic-Con Comic Guests 10am-6pm

Meet Darth Vader, Droids & The StormTroopers - 501st Legion

Meet the Daleks from Dr.Who

Meet the Cosplayers from all over Florida dressed up as their favorite characters. We will have over 50 different Cosplayers from all over at the Comic-Con joining our Cosplay Contest!


Meet the Artists (Local & Independents) in Artist Alley

See Vendors from all Over Florida!

Meet the Artists at our Artist Alley Area. Independent Artists from all over Florida and Local Talent.

Meet the Vendors - Different Vendors from all Over Florida at Comic-Con selling Comics, Toys, Collectables and Pop-Culture Items. 

Full List of Vendors - Coming Soon

See the Most Famous Cars in the World - 10am - 6pm

General Lee,  The Bandit Car & Baby - SuperNatural

On Display at the Hotel Parking Lot Area

Meet the Wrestlers - Signing all Day 10am - 6pm

Meet the Featured Wrestler Guests -  King Kong Bundy & Greg “The Hmmer” Valentine

Meet the Local Florida Pop-Culture Groups!

Seminars & Panels

Join us for our Panels & Seminars throughout the Day during the Show. Listen to the industry experts and guests at their seminar panel sessions.

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Meet Seth Gilliam - Actor & Star of the WALKING DEAD - Father Gabriel! Get your Autograph & Picture taken with Seth Gilliam - Purchase your Package Today- Click Here


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Guests & Attractions are subject to cancellation or schedule change, due to professional commitments.